Photography that brings food to life

Toni Krasnic is a professional food and restaurant photographer based in Croatia and Washington DC, USA. His photography projects have brought him through some of the top restaurants in Croatia, including Konoba Buscina, Restaurant Toni, and Konoba Gatto Nero. Toni is also a Croatia Google Local Guide whose pictures have been viewed over 12 million times.

Toni’s boutique approach to food photography, and his expert eye of light and framing, brings a unique dimension to each subject and has made him a go-to photographer for local restaurants to showcase their food and drinks. For examples of Toni’s photography, check out pictures below and others at Istria Gourmet Instagram page.


Toni takes great care and passion in producing exceptional photographs of food and drinks for all of his clients. He is available to shoot food photography for restaurants, magazines, cookbooks, and other commercial projects in Croatia and USA.

Contact Toni for rates, availability, or other information.

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