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101 Istria Experiences: Guide to 101 Awesome Things to Do in Istria

101 Istria Experiences: Travel Guide to 101 Things To Do in Istria is inspired by the Croatia Feeds: 101 Things to do in Croatia. The post is a collection of 101 awesome experiences in magical Istria, a heart-shaped peninsula located at the NW part of Croatia. Istria offers many unforgettable experiences, including beautiful beaches, fun outdoor activities, exquisite wines and olive oils, delicious food, and exciting adventures. With so much to see and do in Istria,  it’ll be a challenge to pick just a few experiences while you’re visiting Istria.


Click on the hyperlinks below to jump to specific Istria regions or scroll though all of 101 Istria experiences:


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Istria Highlights

Go swimming in beautiful beaches


Taste the exquisite Istrian wines from lovely Istrian wineries

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Go olive oil tasting in the world’s best olive oil region as proclaimed by Flos Olei, world’ leading olive oil guide



Sample the delicious Istrian food at excellent Istrian restaurants, including the Michelin Guide rated Monte in Rovinj


Stroll through Istria’s many cafes, including cafe Uliks situated on the ground floor of the apartment block which once housed the famous writer James Joyce



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Take a food tour with Istria Gourmet Food Tours in Umag, Novigrad, Porec, Rovinj, and Pula


Go on walks and runs, such as the beautiful 100 Miles of Istria race spanning towns of NW and central Istria



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Stay at beautiful hotels, resorts, and private residences and experience the Istrian hospitality that will make you feel at home

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Experience living in nature at one of Istria’s many camps

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Go road tripping through Istria


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Go bar hopping in Istria



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Take a boat trip between Istrian towns or to Venice, Italy


Wander through Istria’s historical sites and museums, and take part in historical plays by Istra Inspirit



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Explore Istria’s numerous churches and frescoes

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Explore Istria’s many famous castles


Best of NW Istria Region (Umag, Novigrad, Brtonigla, and Buje)

Watch professional tennis and join a week-long music party during ATP in Umag


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Eat fresh seafood in charming fishing towns like Novigrad

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Get soaked in water fun at the Istralandia water park in Brtonigla



See Istria’s oldest lighthouse in Savudrija

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Play golf at Kempinski Hotel in Savudrija



Explore the Mramornica Cave in Brtonigla, once of the largest caves in Istria


Enjoy panoramic views at the watchtower of Istria in Buje


Go for a romantic dinner in Novigrad

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Sample delicious beer at San Servolo brewery in Buje


Best of Central Istria Region (Pazin, Buzet, Groznjan, and Motovun)

Visit Kringa, the home village of Jure Grando – the world’s first vampire


Take a journey to the Pazin caves, the main inspiration for Jules Verne when he was writing his novel Journey to the Centre of the Earth


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Watch the sunrise bring light to the mystical Motovun forest

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Go truffle hunting with dogs in Buzet or the Motovun forest


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Visit Hum, the smallest town in the world


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Go hiking and climbing in the Ucka mountain


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Ride your bike or take a train tour on the Parenzana trail

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Experience thrilling zip lining in Pazin


Visit an agrotourism farm and restaurant for farm-to-table experience


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Take a cooking class at AZRRI in Pazin

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Sample famous Istria prosciutto at the Prosciutto Fair in Tinjan


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Watch great movies at the Motovun Film Festival

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Enjoy art in Groznjan, the town of artists


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Walk the longest Istrian staircase of 1052 steps leading to Motovun town square


Hide in a stone house (kazun) near Vodnjan



Go on a donkey ride in Vodnjan


Go off-road in Momjan and other parts of Central Istria


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Sample a truffle product or truffle dish to excite your tastebuds


Relax by a waterfall near Gracisce



Go back to the age of Renaissance by visiting Svetvincenat


See the stars from the observatory in Visnjan


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Go to center of Istria by visiting Zminj


Learn about Glagolitic script in Roc


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Take a ride on a dirt bike ride in Motorcross Park Santarija

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See the famous Dance of Death frescoe in Beram


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Sample Istrian brandy at Aura Distillery in Buzet


Relax at the Istarske Toplice Health Spa



Enjoy Jazz festival in Groznjan


Go paragliding in Motovun and Buzet


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Best of Porec Region

Visit the Euphrasian Basilica in Porec, a UNESCO cultural heritage site


Join the water fun at the Aquacolors water park in Porec



Explore the old town of Porec on the pedestrian-only Eufrazijeva and Decumanus streets


Go ski lifting in Porec for an adrenaline rush


Get lost in the Baredine Cave


Go cart racing in Motodrom



Go swimming in the pristine beaches of Zelena Laguna or escape to the nearby Sveti Nikola island

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Best of Vrsar and Funtana

Take a panoramic flight at the Vrsar airport


Go diving in the Starfish Diving Center in Vrsar


Go skin dipping at Koversada, a popular nudist resort

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Hide and run from the dinosaurs at the Dino Park in Funtana


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Visit the famous water springs of Funtana

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Go dolphin watching on the coast of Vrsar



Follow Odyssey’s sailing route along Funtana’s coastline

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Best of Rovinj Region

Walk up to the St. Euphemia Church for panoramic view of Rovinj


Taste amazing oysters and seafood from Lim Fjord



Visit pirate cave in Lim Fjord


Dive to Baron Gautsch steamship wreckage from World War I



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Watch the sunset in lovely Rovinj


Escape to Red Island (Sveti Andrija island) near Rovinj



See more than 200 bird species in Palud ornithological reserve


Visit the Batana Museum in Rovinj to learn about Rovinj’s famous flat-bottomed fishing boats



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Have coffee at Kamene Price in Bale, the town of famous romantic Casanova

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Visit Histria Aromatica, a native medicinal and aromatic plants park



Go treasure hunting at the deserted Dvigrad, the place Captain Morgan hid some of his treasure

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Dance salsa at the Summer Salsa Festival



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Enjoy the shade and beautiful beaches at Golden Cape in Rovinj

Best of Pula Region (Pula, Medulin, and Brijuni Islands)

Visit the gladiator Arena in Pula

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Learn about sea life at Pula Aquarium


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Cool off in Zerostrasse, a network of underground tunnels built during Austro-Hungarian rule


Enjoy fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish in the Pula market


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Admire the size and colors of Pula’s Lighting Giants


Go olive oil tasting in Museum Olei Histriae



Kayak in Galebove Stijene, the most western beach of Pula

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Play golf in a National Park on Brijuni Islands



Jump off a cliff at the Kamenjak Nature Park

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Spend a night at the lighthouse on Porer Island


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Go surfing or enjoy many other water activities at the Windsurfing Station in Premantura


Watch great movies at the Pula Film Festival



See the mummies at the St. Blasius Church in Vodnjan

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Party at the Outlook Festival in Pula



Bike on the coast of Sisan


Try yoga on water with Metta Float Yoga


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See unique animals at the Safari Park in Brijuni

Best of Labin and Rabac

Enjoy swimming and water sports in Rabac

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Enjoy amazing views of Kvarner and Cres Island at Plomin

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Go on an adrenaline adventure at Glavani Park in Barban



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Have fun at the Rabac Open Air Festival

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