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Istria Gourmet Festival at Croatia Open Umag

on July 13, 2017

The ATP Croatia Open’s program which takes place in Umag once again this year includes the accompanying  Istria Gourmet Festival.  For eight years, the gourmet festival complements the Umag tennis event featuring selected guest partners among Istrian restaurants, winemakers and olive oil producers.

Istria Gourmet Festival is held within five thematic units:

  • Nasa Kuzina (our cuisine) showcases Istrian specialties for visitors of the ATP.
  • The Istria Gourmet Restaurant offers gourmet dinners and tastings.
  • Taste Istria offers a rich wine & gourmet area offering over 30 tasting points.
  • Wine Tastings offers over 100 wines from nearly 30 superb wine cellars.
  • Masterclass tastings of Istrian wines and brandy with guest world wine experts.


Additional information is available at Full schedule of activities is available at


Enjoy excellent food and wine during this year’s Istria Gourmet Festival!

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