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Umag’s Enio Zubin Olive Oils Ranked Among 20 World’s Best Olive Oils

on October 6, 2017

The renowned international olive oil guide Flos Olei published a new edition for 2018. The top-quality product of Enio Zubin from Umag was awarded the finest oil in the category of monosort and medium fruity oils.

The latest edition of Flos Olei features 77 Croatian oils, which is 11 more than the 66 Croatian olive oils that were featured for 2017. 75 of the oils are from Istria, with only 2 from Dalmatia. Majority of the olive oils are produced in the Vodnjan area (13) and Buje (10).

The top 20 comprised mostly of Italian oils, followed by Spanish oil, and the Enio Zubin gem.

Istria is truly a top world destination for olive oils. Come an taste some of the world’s best olive oil!


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