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Flos Olei: Istria Wins Best Olive Oil Region in the World

on October 18, 2019

The best olive oils are difficult to find and chances are that you have never had a truly excellent extra virgin olive oil. The good news is that you can taste high quality olive oil during your next trip to Istria where the tradition of olive growing has lasted more than two millennia,

For the fifth year in a row (2015-2019), Istria has won the title of the best quality olive region in the world, as selected by Flos Olei experts. The annual catalog of Flos Olei, which is the first international extra virgin olive oil guide, is considered to be the bible of extra virgin olive oil.

Since 2019, Istrian extra virgin oil has been protected by the designation of origin (PDO) at the EU level under the name Istria olive oil.

“There is nowhere else in the world in such a small area as Istria, that has so many beautiful, well equipped and professionally organized and guided olive itineraries that are today a tourist attraction.” – Denis Ivošević, Director of Tourist Board of Istria County

Flos Olei: 2020

This year included 79 Croatian extra virgin olive oils. Out of the total number, 77 extra virgin olive oil producers from Istria were included, which is the most out of all the regions featured in the Flos Olei 2020 guide.

Flos Olei 2020 Guide presents the best 500 extra virgin olive oils from 53 countries and is based on a panel of expert tasters. This year, three Istrian extra virgin olive oils scored an impressive 98 points out of a maximum of 100. Those were Ipša, Mate and Oleum Viride (Olea B.B), which was also named the best extra virgin olive oil farm of the year.

Flos Olei: 2019

The olive oil competition included total of 1,800 olive oils from from 50 countries in 5 continents. Flos Olei includes only the top 500 olive oils in its annual catalog. 2016 edition included 51 Istrian olive oils, the 2017 edition had grown to 61 olive oils, and 2018 guide had 75 olive oils from Istria. The most recent 2019 guide included 79 Istrian olive oils.

Check out the full Flos Olei 2019 guide.

Flos Olei: 2018

In 2018, a total of 77 oils from Croatia have been included, 11 more than last year, out of which two are from Dalmatia, and 75 from Istria. In the rank “Really Excellent” that obtained 95 out of 100 maximum points there are 11 Istrian oils, while the rank “Excellent” includes an amazing total of 18 Istrian oils. Four Istrian producers – Obitelj Ipsa, Agrofin – Mate, Olea B. B. and OPG Enio Zubin – achieved exceptional results and their oils obtained remarkable 97 points. Four more olive oil producers have been awarded 96 points, and five producers obtained 94 points.

More information is available at the Istria Tourist Board.

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