Gault&Millau Croatia

on March 7, 2019

Great news for the Croatian gastronomy – the prestigious guide Gult&Millau finally came to Croatia in 2018. The arrival of Gault&Millau signifies that Croatia is now officially part of the world’s top gastronomic scene, where the quality of food and service is what really counts.

“Luxury is in quality rather than price” – Gult&Millau

By launching the local version of the the Gault&Millau Croatia, a giant in the world of gastronomy, Croatia has joined the countries that each year excitedly await awards for the best of the best in the culinary world.

Gault&Millau Croatia: 2019 

Gault&Millau Croatia

The second Gault&Millau Croatia guide now features 150 best rated Croatian restaurants, 70 POP locales, 113 premium and quality wines, and 25 leading hotels from all over Croatia.

The Gault&Millau annual awards, the so-called culinary Oscars, were presented to Croatia’s best chefs and restaurants at the Zagreb Esplanade hotel on March 6, 2019. Here are the 2019 Gault&Millau Croatia winners:

Four Croatian restaurants were crowned with four Gault&Millau toques and awarded as the best Croatian restaurants:

Congratulations to all!

Gault&Millau Croatia: 2018 

Gault Millau Croatia

Gault&Millau critics spent seven months touring Croatia’s regions looking for restaurants and wines to be listed in the guide’s first Croatian edition. The result is 100 best restaurants, 50 POPs (trendy and accessible restaurants, bars and bistros, which are not accompanied by official ratings) and 100 wines. See all the Gault&Millau winners at

The Gault&Millau “Culinary Oscars” were awarded the the festive gala on April 5, 2018. Here are the Gault&Millau top awards:

Best restaurants (restaurants with most caps) were Monte in Rovinj and Pelegrini in Sibenik.

Google Map: Gault&Millau Croatia

View the Gault&Millau – Best Restaurants in Croatia Google Map for best restaurants in Croatia, in one map, as compiled by Gault&Millau. You can use this Google Map to plan your own Gault&Millau road trip through Croatia.

Gault&Millau Croatia: Where to Buy

The Gault&Millau Croatia guide, a bilingual guide in both Croatian and English, is intended for Croatian lovers of good food & fine wines and visitors who are looking for exceptional wine & gourmet experiences in Croatia.

Where to get the Gault&Millau Croatia guide:

  • Printed edition of the Gault&Millau Croatia guide can be purchased at Tisak media stores for HRK 90. 
  • Gault&Millau mobile app is available for free
  • All restaurants can also be found on the Gault&Millau Croatia website


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