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Dobri Restorani: Best Croatian Restaurants

on May 25, 2017

Restaurant Pelegrini, located in Sibenik, has for the third year won the ‘Best Restaurant in Croatia’ award at the 2017 Dobri Restorani Awards held in Zagreb. This is the sixth edition of the Dobri Restorani Awards.

A jury consisting of 500 experts, inlcuding chefs, eno and gastro journalists, bloggers, restaurant owners, and winemakers voted for the best restaurants in Croatia.

Here are the Best 10 Restaurants in Croatia as selected by Dobri Restorani:

  1. Pelegrini, Sibenik
  2. Dubravkin put, Zagreb
  3. Monte, Rovinj
  4. Noel, Zagreb
  5. Plavi podrum, Volosko
  6. Vinodol, Zagreb
  7. Bevanda, Opatija
  8. Carpaccio, Zagreb
  9. Marina, Novigrad
  10. Mala Hiza, Mackovec

And here are the best restaurants in Istria and Kvarner:

  1. Monte, Rovinj
  2. Plavi podrum, Volosko
  3. Bevanda, Opatija
  4. Marina, Novigrad
  5. Batelina, Medulin
  6. San Rocco, Brtonigla
  7. Johnson, Moscenicka Draga
  8. Damir & Ornella, Novigrad
  9. Stari Podrum, Momjan
  10. Badi, Umag


See the full results at the official Dobri Restorani website.

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