Restaurant Toni (Savudrija, Istria)

on April 1, 2017

Delicious, traditional menu spanning over 45 years

Near the road that runs from Umag to the promontory in Savudrija, in the old fishermen’s village of Zambratija, just steps from the sea, you will find the fish restaurant Toni, renowned for its exquisite cuisine and an excellent selection of freshly prepared fish dishes.

Restaurant Toni has been around since 1970, with ownership still in the same family passed on over generations. During our visit, we were lucky to also meet Paolo Paoletic, the owner and executive chef. Paolo is the author of “My Fish Cuisine” and renowned chef. Paolo gave us an overview of Restaurant Toni’s long history and the evolution of the dishes on the menu. What a personal experience!



  • Fresh seafood
  • Family owned
  • Large wine selection
  • Excellent service


Things to Try

  • Jakovice (scallop) salad

Jakovice (scallop) salad

  • Smoked tuna
  • Tottellini
  • Lisici with Tartuffi and Cognac sauce

Lisici with Tartuffi and Cognac sauce

  • Kremsnita pastry
  • Chocolate truffle

Chocolate truffle

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